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July 7, 2012
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Turtle Boy

Romano x Reader

"Daddy?" you popped your head from behind the barely-open door, peaking into the office. Your daddy was sitting at the big mahogany desk that you sometimes liked to hide under, a pen in one hand, filling out paperwork, just like always.

He looked up from his work, instantly smiling and setting his pen down, as well as taking off the glasses he was wearing. He got out of the spinny chair he always sat in and walked over to you, crouching down, so that the two of you were eye-level. "Hey there, darling, good morning! What'cha need?"

"Could I please go to the park? I wanna go play with the other kids!" You tilted your head, making sure to look extra-adorable so your daddy couldn't refuse.

"I'm busy right now, sweetie, I'm sorry." He said, frowning. "Maybe another time, when daddy isn't busy?"

You looked down, giving a small pout and sniffing. "Oh... okay, Daddy..."

Daddy sighed, running a hand through his hair. You could hear the clock in his office ticking, and counted eleven ticks before Daddy said something. "Well... I guess you can, sweetie. But... just promise me you'll be safe and make sure the other parents can see you at all times. Okay?"

You instantly perked up, a little light twinkling in your eyes. "Okay, I will, thank you so much, Daddy! I love you!" You quickly hugged him, afterward sprinting out of the door and down the well-lit hallway. You ran into the kitchen, now slowing down to a walk as you went over to where the refrigerator was. The large white container wasn't the easiest thing to open, but eventually you got it. Inside the fridge, you opened one of the bottom drawers, labeled "Vegetables".

You grabbed the first thing you saw, exactly what you were hoping to find: lettuce! You pulled out the lettuce head, closing the bottom drawer with your foot and letting the refrigerator's door close slowly on its own. You walked over to the front door, deciding to carry the cold lettuce head like a baby (if you carried a baby one-handed) in your left arm so you could easily open it.

You stepped outside, shutting the door behind you. For a moment you just smiled up at the sky, it was so pretty today! There were big, puffy clouds dotting the sky, and the sun was shining so brightly you had to squint to look at it. The weather felt perfect, you didn't think that today could have been any better!

You then set off down the road, following the cracked sidewalk. After a few minutes of walking, you finally reached the park's entrance. You walked under the metal archway that stated the park's name, making your way into the grassy, tree-filled area. Walking along a bit more, you passed the fun play ground area, only glancing over at it to see a few other kids having fun, parents talking to one another. You didn't even think of going over to join the kids because today, you weren't going to ride the springy horse or go down the twisty slide, nope! You were going to go do what you loved doing more than anything in the whole wide world!

You followed a lesser-known path in the park that you knew very well. Leaves dusted the path, and made soft crunches under your feet as you stepped on them. You shifted the now somewhat-cold lettuce head to your other arm, feeling your left arm soon warm back up.

The path ended about twenty yards away from a medium-sized pond. You strolled over to it, sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the soft grass, close enough to the edge where you could touch the water if you stretched your arm out. You sat the lettuce head in your lap, peeling off one of the leafs.

"Here, turtle, turtle, turtles..." you spoke softly. "I have some nummy lettuce for you guys...."

You held out the leaf in your right hand, waiting for the little turtles to come up on shore. You always loved watching them scamper onto the ledge with their tiny feet, seeing their faces when you gave them dinner.

You nearly jumped back when you saw something weird a few feet away from you, in the water. "W-wha-?!" All you could see was a small circle of bubbles rising to the top of the water before finally something broke the surface – a baby turtle, sitting on a glob of dark brown. A second later, a head appeared under the dark brown and turtle – oh, it was a boy!

After figuring out that the boy wasn't actually some type of pond-monster, you relaxed some, but the mystery water-boy didn't. As soon as he saw you, his eyes got wide, and he seemed to panic, swimming in the opposite direction, the turtle still on his head.

"H-hey, wait!" You said, standing up and letting the lettuce head fall to the ground. With the single leaf still in hand, you quickly ran to the other side of the pond. Right as you reached the other side, the boy was trying to pull himself up. Once he looked up and saw that you were there, he gasped, letting go of the edge and falling back underwater.

"Ah, hey! Grab my hand!" You called out, kneeling down and reaching out with your non-lettuce-lead-holding hand. He quickly bobbed back to the surface, sputtering and coughing water from his mouth, his arms flailing slightly. Instead of waiting for him to take hold of your hand, you grabbed for his, pulling the light boy from the water.  Once he was finally on the ground, he coughed a few more times before shakily standing up.

Now you could get a good look at the mystery boy. He was wearing no shirt, and had water droplets all over him, but he had swim trunks on  – green ones with little tomatoes. You noticed that he still had the little baby turtle on his head, it's tiny legs rubbing his hair. After one more cough, he finally opened his eyes, which were the same green as his trunks, and found that he was glaring at you!

"Uh, uh, hi!" You said, smiling at the boy, trying to be friendly. "I'm ______. Who are you?"

He stared at you for a second, a small scowl still on his face, before he mumbled something.

"Um, sorry? I didn't hear what'cha said." You smiled more in encouragement.

"I said my name is Romano!" He practically screamed. "A-and I know it's a cheese, so don't even say it! Everyone always picks on me because I'm named after a freakin' chee– "

"I like that name," you commented in the middle of his rant.

He looked at you suspiciously, and then he "humph"ed.

During the moment of awkward silence you were staring at his head. More specifically, at the turtle that was still somehow laying there.

"What are you looking at?!" He yelled, his face becoming slightly red.

"You have a turtle on your head," you stated plainly.

Romano looked upwards, trying to see the turtle, but then he opted to just pluck the turtle off his head, holding it in front of his face. "I told these hitchhikers that they couldn't get a ride from me!" He angrily sat down, staring at the turtle.

You giggled, sitting down across from him. "Well, they must like you a lot."

Romano glanced at you before looking back at the turtle, his face still red. "Well I certainly don't like them! I mean, they're all just ugly, and weird, and... and... big stupid heads, and...." He trailed off, hugging the turtle and averting his eyes to the side.

You suddenly thrust out your hand – the one with the lettuce leaf. "Would your turtle like some tasty lettuce?"

"H-He's not my turtle!" Romano exclaimed... but he still took the leaf nonetheless, now holding the turtle in one hand and feeding it in the other. The turtle munched on it, taking little bites every few seconds.

"So... where do you live?" You asked, curious since you'd never seen him before.

"On the other side of town. I live with my dumb caretaker. He's an idiot." Romano scratched his head, and suddenly a hair curl popped out of the right side of his head!

"Oh wow!" You said, reaching for it. It looked so cool! Your hand had barely brushed it when Romano flinched, falling backwards.

"D-don't touch that!" He screamed. Luckily, he was still holding the baby turtle, but the lettuce had been lost and fell into the water. "P-plus," he added, "you just made me drop his lettuce into the water!"

You momentarily forgot about the curl. Momentarily. "Well, I have a whole thing of lettuce on the other side of the pond! Wanna go get it with me? We can feed the other turtles, too!"

Sitting back up, Romano looked at you warily before finally answering, "... Fine. But not because I like turtles, or you, or anything...."

You laughed softly. You could just tell that this was going to be something special.
A request by :iconshiningsilverstars:

c: I hope you like it, though I think I failed on the "fluffyness" part... xD

Hetalia and all of its characters do not belong to me, nor am I claiming that they do, they rightfully belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
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He got out of the spinny chair-frist time reding i saw ´´shinny``i was like YOU ARE EDWAURDROMANO.... Romano Mocks [V2] Oh yess then i saw ´´spinny``i was like:pokerface: Pewdiepie PokerFace!!! ...HELL SHIT:cute poop: UP UP AND AWAY Kai : Oh... 

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D'aww... that's adorable!
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Cheese....? *realization hits* ohhhhhhh~ so THAT'S why my friend calls Romano "Cheese-Head"  xD I'm a dummkopf Facepalm 
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Haha, it's alright. vuv *pats on head*
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Sapcoat Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Haha, be careful, Romano's tiny bones are fragile. ;w;

And thanks for reading, and for the comment, hope you enjoyed it! c:
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I just realized... It IS a cheese...
Wow. I'm slow
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